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Sustainable, recycling, reclamation and environmental stewardship are new terms that we hear daily. Environmental awareness can transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life.

There are many simple steps you can take to make your floors “greener.” Choosing renewable resilient flooring is an excellent option. Carpet or carpet tiles from the eco-friendly manufacturers used by A&O, with recycled content and low VOC adhesives (volatile organic compounds), is another option.

Looking to gain LEED v4 Certification for Your Next Project?

A&O Carpet Services can help you gain LEED points. A&O’s product and specification consultants will provide green flooring consultation to help your project earn LEED status.


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While only buildings (not floors) can be LEED certified, flooring can contribute points towards earning LEED credits in three of the six LEED categories. A&O Carpet Services provides products produced by manufacturers that are U.S. Green Council members. Through this relationship, we can recommend product choices that will contribute to earning LEED points, such as:


Rectangular tiles headline today’s commercial flooring trends. New product technologies and more extensive manufacturing have expanded choices for types of projects, including healthcare, academic, hospitality, retail, and workplace.

Color and texture continue to exert a strong influence on user perceptions. Some designers try to strike a balance between “unique” and “timeless,” but others are opting for lively, trendy shades.


The ideal green floor not only looks great, it meets expectations for sustainable building practices and indoor environmental quality. “Friendly” carpet tile range and rubber tile range are certified to independent and rigorous environmental assessment. We can help you achieve 100% of the points in the Green Star Materials Calculator providing our customers the opportunity to achieve the maximum available points in their projects.

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A variety of options in colors, styling, textures, performance, to name a few... plus, the versatility of modular and broadloom to fit your specific application needs.

Vinyl Composition Tile

Our VCT sets the industry standard. Customers continually rate our tile No. 1 for quality, durability, value and service. Visuals range from traffic-hiding, through-color chips to distinctive, non-directional patterns.

Vinyl Sheet & Tile

Versatility is the hallmark of vinyl flooring offering a winning combination of resilience, aesthetics, durability, maintainability and value. Patterns and colors are integrated for area-to-area design flexibility and coordination. Select from homogeneous, heterogeneous and in-laid structures for various applications.


Rubber flooring is becoming more and more popular in commercial settings. Some unique benefits rubber flooring offers is being valuable in a setting that is prone to spills, heavy usage and wear and tear. Rubber flooring is a very versatile floor covering option. Rubber products contain up to 30% post-industrial recycled content manufactured with fully assessed and safe constituents. Products are produced under ISO 14001 certified conditions where attention to material waste and energy efficiencies is closely controlled. Both ‘FRIENDLY’ carpet tile and rubber are assessed as a low VOC emission product and can gain you an additional 2 points in the indoor environment quality (in Greenstar IEQ) category. Although not the cheapest option, rubber flooring provides very good long-term value.

Specialty Flooring

The perfect solution for areas that require an extra measure of safety where slips and falls are a concern. Our slip-retardant floors are designed for wet and dry spaces. For electrostatic discharge control, our floors can play a major role in preventing static build-up.