Modular Furniture Lift

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The only thing between your office and new flooring is a few tons of furniture!

Most medium to large offices have workstations, cubicles, or modular office furniture systems. Office systems are usually comprised of 3 panel systems or modular walls and shelving. When the time comes for remodeling your offices, disassembling these systems can be the source of much anxiety and many headaches.

A & O Carpet enables facilities to update office flooring or commercial floors without lengthy employee downtime or the logistical challenge of moving cubicles and furniture using a furniture lift system.

Disconnection and dismantling whole floors of modular furniture systems, computers, and phones...  not typically a pleasant task! Then let's think of the disruption of your worker’s productivity during this effort. We have the answer you have been hoping for. In this process all office furniture systems stay in place. All items that sit on the floor including waste baskets, computer towers, etc. are collected by employees and moved to their desktop leaving the floor free from objects.

A&O Carpet Service addresses the challenge in a safe, productive, and cost effective way. We simply “lift” a section of your existing office systems furniture, remove the old carpet and place the new carpet or tile beneath. No moving, packing or disconnecting existing data or electrical wires that reside within the furniture system. Modular units, desks, and wiring all remain intact.

Our trained and insured installers simply work under and around the obstacles. This saves valuable time and reduces issues following installation. No worries about how to reassemble the units, or reconnecting the mess of phone and data wires or risking a computer system crash with an inadvertent disconnection of a key computer plug.

A & O Carpet has special equipment for offices with modular furniture. Changing flooring in such environments can be a daunting task when considering the disassembly of the furniture panels. With our solution there is NO NEED to disassemble anything!

Modular Furniture Lifts
Modular furniture lift system
carpet under furniture

Cost Effective Approach for Carpet Installation Beneath Workstations.

When A&O comes to change your flooring there is no need to move furniture or equipment. Our technology enables us to keep all of the furniture and your wiring connections intact. We gently lift the furniture just high enough to remove the old flooring and replace it with the new carpet. We then lower the furniture and your equipment back into place, vacuum, and dust the area and we are done! We will work around your schedule so the only difference your employees will see is new carpet! This is very cost effective as you will not have to pay for furniture to be moved or for wiring disconnections and reconnections. With A& O Carpet Services, it is the final result that matters most! We properly install so your floors stay beautiful. Our installers are trained in the levitation technique after they have mastered their carpet laying skills. So, not only does your furniture go up smoothly, the carpet goes down right!

Key Benefits

  1. No hydraulic systems to ruin office flooring
  2. Performed by certified flooring installers
  3. Reconfiguration of office systems is painless
  4. No tear down of furniture needed - lift technology allows for the gentlest and most accurate lift in the business
  5. No moving furniture or displacement of workers - No "swing space" needed to warehouse displaced workers
  6. No Operational Disruptions - personal items and work routine is undisturbed
  7. No Disconnections - computers, telephones and electronic operating systems are not disturbed
  8. Specifically designed component for office furniture systems like Herman Miller and Steelcase
  9. Bottom line...  money saved!

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